The „Bukh Diesel Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH" was founded on 4. May 1976 as a sales subsidiary of „Motorfabriken Bukh A/S", Kalundborg, Denmark in Germany. Today Bukh Bremen GmbH ist he leading importer and wholesaler of technical boat equipment in Germany. An extensive stock keeping company owned warehousing facilities insures shortest possible leadtimes. In ist function as importer and wholeseller Bukh Bremen only supplies commercial customers, boat builders and industrial customers (B2B).


The brands represented were strategically increased and Bukh Bremen GmbH today represents 28 manfacturers ranging from anodes to Z-drives and suited for recreational craft as well as products for life saving and military applications.
A team of 28 employees is dedicated to supporting customers from helping to define needs, quoting to making sure products are supplied in time. Bukh Bremen has an active training program for young employees in the area of office management and logistics.
2013, the expansion of the company had come to a point where there was a need to move from the congested city center location to a green field site. At the end of 2014, after 18 months of planning and building activity, it was time to move to new purpose built premises at the current location Ferdinand Porsche Straße 11, 28237 Bremen. Built on 6500 sqm of property we currently utilize 3000 sqm of storage space and 500 sqm of office space that offer suffcient space for the 8000 different SKU held in stock with further room to double capacity if needed.



Mr. Detlef Lange as general manager and Mr. Jan-Dirk Lampe as technical manager, lead the business at the founding location at Kornstraße 243, Bremen since 1976.
1984 Mr. Lange and Mr. Lampe acquired 100% oft he shares of „Bukh Diesel Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH". Over the years more brands were added to the portfolio and the name oft he company was changed to Bukh Bremen GmbH as engines now was only a part oft he products being supplied.


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